When using the JYNX clan tag the following rules & regulations must be adhered to:

General Rules and regulations/Conduct:
- The use of abusive language is not permitted in any way against fellow clan members, its leadership or fellow public gamers, admin, including other clan members not in the JYNX clan, on any public, private or competition/league gaming servers.

- Members should not become involved in arguments or the disregard of Gaming Server rules that lead to ban offences on the online server being played on.

- Any offences that Online Gaming Server admin take action against toward any of our clan members will also be noted by the clan leadership and may also affect your membership within the clan.

- Arguments or any disputes against any of our clan members should be E-mailed to either the Clan leader or the co-leaders, or both. Disputes will be strictly handled by the clan leadership.

- Stat padding and the use of map exploits are not allowed and are also not permitted according to the rules and regulations on both ranked and unranked online servers.

- The use of any HACKS in the form of AIMBOTS, WALLHACKS, etc. are not allowed under any circumstances. (Results in immediate ban from the clan)

- Once you are a member of JYNX you may not use your clan tag to aid any other online clans other than JYNX while you are a JYNX member. You are either a JYNX member or not one at all.

- General bad attitude from any JYNX member or leader toward any JYNX member or leader will not be tolerated, respect must be shown mutually and internal disputes should be forwarded to clan leadership and handled accordingly.

- If there are any personal problems or disagreements between any clan members, please consult any of the leaders before any individual action is taken.

League/Competition Rules and Regulations:
- Clan members playing in any Practise/league matches that cannot play on the scheduled match date should please notify a clan leader at least two days before the event leaving fair time so that reserve players can be put in place.

- Once a match has commenced or is about to commence and there are players that leave the match for any unreasonable reasons will be excluded from any further matches and will lose his position in the team.

- Also note that if we are unable to contact you on a match day your position will be open for a reserve player.

- No mid game jumping in will be allowed unless there are computer or connection issues.

- Please make sure that you are available and ready at least 30 minutes before each match for strategy discussions and general planning.

- Strategies and team leading will be the responsibility of the Clan leader and its co-leaders. Match dates and time schedules will be fairly discussed between all members and sufficient time will be made to decide on attendance.

- It is strongly urged that all clan members forward any additional strategies and new suggestions for the clan to its leadership, all clan members have a say and will be taken into consideration.

- Leadership should always set a positive example for all the clan members and public players that will lead to a good reputation for the clan.

- Rules and regulations as stated above should be strictly enforced.

- Clan leaders carry out all disciplinary actions against members and must have the integrity to do so in a fair manner without discrimination toward race, age, religion, gender and creed or based on character performance.

- Clan leaders should not form player favourites and set them above any of the rules.

- Clan leaders are to ensure all members taking part in all forms of competitions including practise matches are officially registered as players in each team in the clan.

- The Clan leader has the final say in any decision regarding the clan and should make decisions in the best interest of the clan.

- Co-leaders must however be consulted with first regarding any and all matters concerning the clan.

- Clan leaders are responsible for the recruitment of new members into the clan. Final recruitment decisions are made by the Clan leader. However, player suggestions are welcome from clan members.

Overall please make the gaming experience fun and enjoyable for yourself, your fellow clan members and your fellow online gamers. Make your clan one to be proud of and always present yourself in the best interest of your clan.