Jynx is a mostly a fun clan, enjoying the transition of video games all the way from the 8-bit era, to the eye candy of full HD we have today. The whole point of video gaming is to enjoy the experience.

The formation of Jynx began in 2011 (previously the HOOO clan), when a huge yellow panther appeared from nowhere, smack bang in the middle of imaginationland, telling us the future is in a new name, a future with cyborgs doing the housework, giving us more time to perfect being good and rubbish at the same time.

The sword of omens gave us power beyond power. The power is still within, for we are masters of the slaves. The slaves generally do as they're asked of, yet occassionally, the evil of the isps prove the easter devil still exists by dropping our connections.

There are millions of followers and fans of the JYNX clan, they're all invisible to the naked eye, as they live in an alternative light spectrum to that of us mere humans.

Enjoy Life, Enjoy JYNX!